Aparat do sztucznej inseminacji matek pszczelich opis BESCHREIBUNG DESCRIZIONE

Instrumental insemination device for queen bees.

The Device is made of steel, stainless steel (inox), brass and Plexiglas. The steel is powder-coated , the brass is covered with chrome. All movable components operate on Teflon bearings. The syringe is mounted on the friction gear.
Control of transmission is via a mobile lever (lever angle can be adjusted to your needs). Manipulators with hooks are embedded in blocks, allowing smooth and precise opening of the queen bee for insemination. The sting hook has a hole. The queen bee attachment block provides quick and easy mounting of the queen bee in the bushing. The Device table with legs is made of steel. The table legs have wider feet, which increases the stability of the device.

The Device box set includes:

  • syringe 1 pc.
  • needles 3 pieces
  • hooks 1 set
  • bushing 2 pieces
  • bee escape 1 pc